Petti is an outstanding composer, singer and guitarist. Born in Navarre (Bera, 1973), his musical output has been described as blues and folk-rock. He has also been compared with Mark Lanegan, Tom Waits and Mikel Laboa. 


Nevertheless, he still has a strong musical identity of his own. His traits are a broken deep voice that comes from the soul, songs heavily influenced by the blues, his technical dexterity playing the guitar and the sheer power of his live performances.


After 20 years of career, Petti has recorded an album at a concert he gave live on October 20.


This disc includes some of the most memorable pieces composed by Petti throughout his solid musical journey. Songs full of strength and feeling, in some cases accompanied by the diatonic accordion of Eneko Dorronsoro.


The album will be presented at concerts that will take place this upcoming winter.